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‘I’m worried.’

Is this your favorite phrase?
Are you told a careful person?
Are you really happy with it?

 If you want to change, let’s try to pile up tennis balls. This book and several weeks training enable you to do it.

One successful experience breaks the spell.

 There are ups and downs in life. However, human being tends to see only bad points. On those occasions you should pile up tennis balls. ‘I did it!’ If you can focus one, you realize that there are many good points in your life. ‘ I’m worried, but there is a chance I might be able to.’ Your favorite phrase must be changed.


1. I’m worried.

2. Double
2-(1) To purchase six tennis balls.
2-(2) Don’t put on, straighten.
2-(3) In steps.
②Supported double
■If you feel tired, sleep.

3. Triple
3-(1) Repeat triple double for a week.
3-(2) Make 2 hours.
3-(3) Remember it takes a lot of time.

4. If you can’t help but to take down balls…

5. I’m worried, but…

Abe yotaro / husband / Osaka, Japan